Beauty for Ashes Monthly Giveaway & How it works!

Back in September of 2023, Grin Eyes Beauty partnered with our clients & customers and started doing some philanthropy work to help bring some joy, relief and help to people in need both locally and internationally.  Each month, our clients and customers chose to give a donation of their choice ($10 or $20) in exchange for a small free gift from Grin Eyes Beauty.  In exchange for their donation, $10 would get them 10 entries into our monthly giveaway & $20 would get them 25 entries into our monthly giveaway.  Grin Eyes Beauty matches every single donation collected.  We have also worked with other businesses who would match our matched donations.

We have successfully donated enough to feed hundreds of homeless people in Paterson, NJ, helped provide Christmas gifts for about 3 mom’s in need (across the US), helped provide some financial relief for sick and struggling single moms and students as well as helping to start over 10 businesses in Central America for Women and Families struggling to provide. Our donations has provided start up money to help women start businesses that would replace the option of them being sold into sex trafficking due to poverty.

The last Wednesday of every month, we spin the wheel and randomly select a grand prize winner.  Every month is a different gift.

If you would like to donate to Beauty for Ashes in exchange for a free gift & some entries into our Monthly Giveaway, text the words “Donate” to 973-619-9878 & one of our client care representatives will help you with payment options on where to donate.

For the month of May, we will close our donations on May 28th @ 7pm.  We will draw a name on Wednesday, May 29th @ noon est!  The gift for every donation is a stainless steel mental health keychain.  The grand prize winner will receive a $50 gift card towards any service of your choice.

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