5 Grin Skin Tips on the Proper way to wear sunscreen!


5 Top Sunscreen tips from our Licensed Esthetician, Tyffanee Hall

1) Opt for a sunscreen that protects from both UV-A & UV-B RAYS

2) Choose at least SPF 30 for best protection

3) Apply sunscreen at least 30 min before leaving the house for maximum absorption & be sure to apply it liberally! A golf ball amount is ideal for arms, legs, and face. (Be sure to apply to any exposed areas)

4) Reapply every 1-2 hrs while sun is still out. Not JUST the summer! The sun comes out every season lol

5) Sun protection can come in the forms of lip balms, hats with brims, and sleeves during the peak of the sun which can be anywhere between 10am-4pm depending on the season.

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